Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eggciting Eggsplosion

If you have an Angry Bird Fan, or just a kid who likes life a little messy but without getting their own hands dirty here is an activity for you!

What you need:
Plastic Easter eggs
paint (I used poster paints as I was out of tempera )
poster board

and for added fun you need a sling shot!


put a small amount of paint in the egg add some water, stir it up and close egg. I used an egg carton to hold the eggs up and keep them from leaking every where.

Photobucket Once you have quite a few, and I recommend at least 24 for 2 kids (otherwise they go through them all in about 5 seconds)

Tack the poster board to a tree or something else that can hold it up and step back. The object is to hit the poster board with the eggs which then splatter all over it and make a pretty pattern.

A sling shot takes more skill and prolongs the fun.

We like to use an old card table flipped over to it's side and tack single sheets of paper to it with points written on them. Makes it trickier and more entertaining.


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