Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Fraction of a Touch

For my children, especially my oldest, being able to touch and manipulate is key to learning. But how does one teach through touch? The answer is simple. One must get creative.

When we delved into the interesting world of fractions I realized my son learned the most through helping me cook, well then it occurred to me why not use the same tools just for fun! So we did!
We also got some more use out of our rainbow rice.

We used measuring cups and spoons, the rice and an empty bowl to add and subtract fractions. It was great fun!


Eggciting Eggsplosion

If you have an Angry Bird Fan, or just a kid who likes life a little messy but without getting their own hands dirty here is an activity for you!

What you need:
Plastic Easter eggs
paint (I used poster paints as I was out of tempera )
poster board

and for added fun you need a sling shot!


put a small amount of paint in the egg add some water, stir it up and close egg. I used an egg carton to hold the eggs up and keep them from leaking every where.

Photobucket Once you have quite a few, and I recommend at least 24 for 2 kids (otherwise they go through them all in about 5 seconds)

Tack the poster board to a tree or something else that can hold it up and step back. The object is to hit the poster board with the eggs which then splatter all over it and make a pretty pattern.

A sling shot takes more skill and prolongs the fun.

We like to use an old card table flipped over to it's side and tack single sheets of paper to it with points written on them. Makes it trickier and more entertaining.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fraction Action!

Paper plates may not be good for eating off of but they are indispensable materials for art projects.

To help my oldest with fractions I took a bunch of plates and painted them to illustrate different fractions.
I then had him label them.

We used them in a variety of games. Like hopscotch and a version of twister.

I would call out different fractions and actions and he had to follow directions. He had a blast and it really helped him with the concept.

Now I have to find a way to teach him how to get his socks into the laundry basket... any suggestions?

After he got the wiggles out I taught him how to add fractions using the plates as a visual.

Busy Buzzy Bees

Keeping with the Bug Trend we did a unit on Bees! Now Bee watching had me a little nervous as I am allergic but the kiddlets had a blast. I preferred the indoor bee activities and crafts myself.

You can make a bee from almost anything, and I have learned with my kids they learn better when their hands are busy, so while I teach they work on their crafts.

We made bees from toilet paper tubes, yellow paint, black pipe cleaners and black construction paper. Just cut strips if black paper glued them onto the tubes and painted yellow in between stripes. They then cut little circles and drew buggy faces on them and finally using pipe cleaners to shape antennae and wings. Once the antennae and wings were shaped I poked holes in the tube and twisted the pipe cleaner through the holes.

They also enjoyed painting paper plates into bubble bees. Which I think is pretty self explanatory.

But by far the most fun was had with exploring the goodies we get from bees. We had a honey tasting event and enjoyed yummy peanut butter and honey sandwiches (while watching Magic School Bus in a Beehive).

To cap off the week we made candles from Bees wax.

You need containers, A block of wax, hammer, a heat source and wicks.


The little people had more fun than is healthy breaking up the wax into chunks with the hammer.

We then stuffed the chunks into old baby bottles for heating. We used the microwave and heated them for about 2 minutes.
As you can see they melted beautifully.

Then they poured the wax into glass baby food jars and placed their wicks into the center and allowed them to cool.


They turned out beautifully! Don't forget to trim the wick before lighting.

And if you have left over wax you can make drip candles too...but only if you have very patient kids. Mine ate not.

Buggin' Out (Part II)

Bugs are incredibly cool especially to two little boys. So we have delved into anything and everything bug related.

I found this most AWESOME idea ever! Here for a Bug Catcher necklace. It has become my boys favorite thing. And if you don't have the time or the inclination to make them yourself than the author of Whimsy Love sales them.

All you need: are beads, string or twine (we used hemp), and those little plastic containers you get with toys out of the coin thinga-mu-bops from the grocery store.

punch holes in the top of the container, a bigger hole in the center where you can later thread the necklace through. String some beads on the string tie it off and done Photobucket

once you have a cute little bug catcher you're ready for a bug safari!

This one contains some dirt and a worm... while not exactly a bug still cool to wear around the neck... if you are a five year old boy.

I can't wait for summer to do a pretty Fourth of July necklace and stuff full of Lightening Bugs.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Paint By Bubble

I know crayola has their nifty color bubbles on store shelves now but I prefer making my own. They clean up so much easier and make nicer bubbles.


I like using baby food jars but you can store them however. Just pour bubbles into jars, add paint, stir and have fun.


Now to take this further, kids can blow the bubbles onto paper and it makes great artwork. I like to use solid white wrapping paper and let the kids wrap their friend's presents in their art :)

Push Around Buggy Detailing

I saw on the web somewhere several months ago about a mom who painted their cozy coup and thought "I have to try this!" So I did!

Here is my Pip's new ride.


This is a lot easier than it looks. Just plastic spray paint and painter's tape.

But be careful with taping off your lines. Plastic paint seems to be different than regular paint and gets under the tape easier so I had to redo this a few times and triple layer the tape.

NEXT I will be turning his Cozy Coup into the Mystery Machine!