Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buggin' out! (Part I)

This week we are Buggin' out for bugs! This is probably one of my favorite thing about being a mom to boys. Creepy, crawly, slimy and icky are all words synonymous with AWESOME!

We started off reading a very cute book called "The Very Ugly Bug" It is a sweet story about an Ugly bug who discovers how special she is and lives happily ever after. This was a great opener to the concepts of adaptations and evolution.

We spent a large amount of time discussing the different bugs and animals we know and identifying what special adaptations they have.

We then talked about the Peppered Moths and watched this video: Evolution of the Peppered Moth

I made pipe cleaner moths ( or Butterflies ) using different colors to demonstrate how the process works.

Each boy made their own moth. Though they decided to call them butterflies.

We finished up the day discussing camouflage and painting bug masks.

we got plain white masks from the craft store and used Acrylic paints.

after the masks dried we wore them and pretended to be bugs. They boys made up stories and facts about their "bug"


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