Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Responsibility Reminder

I don't like the name "Chore Chart" and think Responsibility Reminder is more accurate. The boys complained recently that they don't know what is expected of them so I thought a reminder they could look and interact with would be a big help. I wanted something cute but I'm cheap so that kind of limited what we could do.

This is what I ended up doing.

I used cork boards from Wal-Mart (2 x 2.97$)
Scrap book paper ( .20$)
Stickers (2 x 1.99)
Ribbon (1.00$)

along with thumb tacks, foam letter stickers, and a hot glue gun.

I cut scrap book paper into shapes and used the stickers to decorate and lable their responsibilities.
I glued the ribbon onto the board as decoration and then more ribbon the top for hanging.
when all that dried I used Thumb tacks to attach the shapes.

and this was the finished product.

So far it seems to be really helpful and the kids like taking off their shapes when they finish a task.

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