Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taste The Rainbow

We read "What Makes a Rainbow?" The Middle Man, The Wee Man and I. The Middle Man is at a stage where the more colorful something is the better. This has lead to Tye-dying and painting of course, but I decided to try and find some more unique takes on the color experiments.

We mixed food coloring and water using primary colors to make as many shades and colors as we could.

Here are some of the activities that the boys found the most entertaining;

Painted Bread

Need: Toast, Q-tips, milk, bowls, food coloring (Optional: vanilla extract, Cinnamon)

put a few drops of coloring in bowls of milk, i thought it would be fun too to add vanilla and cinnamon as the boys planned to eat their art work. They said it tasted good. I decided to take their word for it.

the kids used the Q-tips (a ton of them so make sure you have a lot) to put letters and make patterns on their toast Photobucket

The next but of fun we had we made rainbow patterns in a bowl.

Stained Glass Milk
milk, soap, food coloring, glass, bowl, Q-Tips

We did several variations of this. We placed milk in a shallow glass container then a few drops of food coloring and dish soap. We changed up how much soap we added and how when. When the colors started mixing they made letters and pictures and swirls. And more swirls...and more until finally the milk left was almost a solid color.


And to finish off the week we are doing Colored Carnations:

Need Carnations (we are using White, Yellow and Light Pink), Water, and Food Coloring

add a TON of red, blue, and green dye to the water. Make sure to cut the stems at an angle, drop in flowers and wait. This takes a while and is best to leave over night.

The kids are very excited to see what they look like in the morning.

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