Monday, March 26, 2012

Foaming Finger Paint

Unfortunately I lost my pictures of this activity. They some how got erased before making it onto my computer so the next time we do this I will take extra pictures and post right away. But this has to be one of my kids most favorite activities.

All you need for foamy finger paint fun:
A sense of fun
A high tolerance for mess
Shaving Cream
Tempera Paint
and I suggest a water hose for clean up

On a flat surface, outside- I really highly recommend that this never be done inside... ever - put a small pile of shaving cream let the kids smooth it out. Add a dollop of tempera paint and let them mix the shaving cream and paint. smooth it on the surface and the kids can practice writing with their finger... of course that is only after they have gotten done smacking the paint and watching it fly everywhere.

This is a lot of fun for everyone, even older kids. The Little Man even loves to do his spelling words this way. And there is even a scientific reason this is so wonderful ... but that doesn't matter. Even if it didn't promote learning this is just too much fun not to do!

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