Thursday, March 1, 2012

Volcanus Eruptius!

What little boy doesn't love volcanoes? I know all the ones in this house do.

This week has been Volcano crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!Downright Volcano obsessed and the more they learn the more they love them...

It started off simple. A commercial with a kid building a volcano for a science fair. "Mom, Let's do that!"

So we did. Or at least a version I thought would suit my little man's attention span best.

We covered a two liter bottle with playdoh and using a volcano book made it looks like the real thing (or at least we did from the interpretations from an 8 and 5 year old)

We read the book after we did the volcano. My guys are much more visual and they needed to see and touch while we read.

To make our volcanoes erupt I filled the bottle half with water, added some dish soap, 6 or 7 spoonfuls of baking soda, several drops of food coloring, and then two cups of vinegar... and BOOM VOLCANUS ERUPTIUS! (Can you tell we have watched/read Harry Potter too often?)


Over the following days we have read about the Changing Earth in our science text, Harcourt Science pages C12-C19) Learned all about the movements of the plates under the earth's surface and my Little Man has started a project on Hawaii. We made a playdo model of the Earth to better understand the different layers (Crust, Mantle, Core).

We melted crayons- and studied about Solids, Liquids, and Gasses. What better way to understand the concept of Molten Iron or Magma?

We have watched the Magic School Bus Blows Its Top and read as many books on the topic as we could find, (Their favorites are Eruption! by Anita Ganeri and Volcanoes Nature's Incredible Fireworks by David L. Harrison). Today He is making a volcano in his world on Minecraft. He says he's making Pompeii...I wonder if the villagers he's making knows their doomed?

I have this feeling that we are going to be Volcanologists ( VUL-can-AHL-uh-gists and yes! that is a word. I didn't know it either until this week.) For a little while. At least until something else catches his attention.

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